Acoustical location of leakage


When pressure pipelines leak, water gushes out of the crack into the ground. The pipe material vibrates at the leakage point. These vibrations are transmitted by the pipe and can even be noticed at distant contact points, e.g. fittings. This is known as structure-borne sound and is made audible by the AQUAPHON® .

The human ear continues to play a significant role in analysing the incoming noise, despite improved assistance from the display. With relevant experience of different types and sounds, it can distinguish between the noise of a leak and background noise. The outstanding quality of the sound relayed through the headphones helps the AQUAPHON® user in this task.

Metal pipe materials transmit structure-borne sound over a particularly long distances. The test rod is ideal for prelocating leaks in these pipeline systems. Using the ground microphone at regular intervals enables the leak to be located with sufficient accuracy for confident excavation. The AQUAPHON®  displays an accurate visual comparison of the noise intensities. Is the noise getting louder or softer? The visual display is particularly helpful for novices or those who do not use the system often.