Solar technology


There is enough sun for everybody


Solar energy is infinite, renewable and environmentally friendly - in contrast to fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas, whose availability is limited. A solar heating system provides in the yearly average up to 85 % of the hot water need for bath and kitchen and contributes to the space heating during winter.


Solar technology saves resources and respects the environment


You burn less fossil fuel - the impact on the environment will be reduced in two different aspects: valuable resources are saved and less contaminants are produced. Especially during the summer months from May to September the drinking water needs can be covered nearly entirely.

This means for you: Solar technology not only protects the environment but also your wallet.

With a solar plant on your roof you will set an example for active protection of the environment and sense of responsibility for the future generations. The application of a modern solar energy plant brings a considerable increase in value to your property.